Are you having to scrub the grout lines in your tile by hand, or has it been a few years since they have been professionally cleaned? If the tiled surfaces in your home are showing their age it may be time to call Kenzo Cleaning Services. Don't rule out a professional tile cleaning, replacing tiled areas isn't cheap and is not always necessary. Kenzo Cleaning Services can renew the shine of your stone, tile, and grout. Don't forget to ask about our tile and grout sealants.

As time goes on mold, mildew, and ground in dirt make residence in the pours of your stone, tile, and grout. Our specialized cleaning process involves cleaning solutions that power through the built up bacteria, dirt, and grime leaving the tile and grout like new. After a tile cleaning from Kenzo Cleaning Services always recommends sealing the grout for extended life of the grout and prevent spills from staining the grout. Sealed grout also keeps bacteria from building up in the grout lines.

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